Why should I choose Sira over other wedding designers and artists?

Sira’s work is similar to that of an haute couture designer. Your celebration will be elevated: a unique creation, developed by a singular artist. It will be unforgettable, the sort of festivity to be talked about for years later. Sira is original and pioneering, and as others in the event industry look to her as a reference, her events frequently inspire trends.

What’s it like to work with Sira?

Past clients say that working with Sira is like embarking on a creative journey. She takes the time to get to know you, to listen. She then works with you throughout the process, adding her inspiring touches while ensuring that the realisation remains faithful to what you were dreaming of. Additionally, her 5-step process ensures meticulous planning and excellence in execution.

How far in advance should I get in touch?

The earlier in advance that you get in touch, the better. Creating well thought-out excellence takes time – it also means you are able to enjoy the process more and make decisions without undue haste. However, we can adapt to demanding time schedules too and have been known to conceive astounding weddings in a matter of days.

Do you organise events anywhere in the world?

Our base is in Marbella, southern Spain, but we are experienced at arranging weddings and events all over the world and have the contacts to do so.

Does Sira have a particular style?

Every event by Sira is exclusive and tailor-made for each particular client and their dreams. However, there are certain qualities that they all share, such as being original and creatively led, both pioneering yet highly elegant. You should expect the unexpected too, although always infused with humanity and joy.

Do you create weddings in specific cultural styles?

Yes, we have ample experience in designing weddings for specific cultures. We work with relevant specialists to ensure we remain faithful to tradition as required, and that specific artistic and cultural aspects are expressed with excellence.

What is your approach to process and budget management?

We pride ourselves on our tight organisation and process administration, backed by Sira’s management background as HR director for a multi-national corporation. Once a budget has been agreed (of course, commensurate with luxury standards) we remain aligned with this. Our suppliers are renowned for sticking to the highest standards.

What do you need from me before we start?

When we begin, it is ideal that you provide us with approximate guest numbers and financial parameters. All other details will emerge in our conversations together, as we get to know each other.

Will Sira be present throughout the process?

Yes, Sira is much more than a figurehead. She will be there with you as the journey begins and remains present throughout. Operations and administration tasks will be performed by members of her tight-knit team, but she remains aware of everything that is happening for each event.

What are the members of Sira’s team like?

All Sira’s personal team members are able managers and executors in their own right, highly experienced and qualified. The wider team assembled for your project, including suppliers, will be the very best - experts with unparalleled knowledge and know-how in their field.