Mónica & Diego


Monica and Diego

The perfect sunset engagement party

The Art

Sunset at a sumptuous sea-front villa on the Costa del Sol, the perfect time to bask in its spectacular views across the Mediterranean. Entwined with this, an artistic exploration of a couple’s passion for Italy as a backdrop for expressing the fortitude of their own enduring love.

This was the conceptual foundation for Monica and Diego’s engagement party, devised by Sira in close consultation with them.

The setting of the villa itself played a central role: decorations were designed to enhance enjoyment of the stunning vista it offered, and they also played off the villa’s own style, with the aquamarine tones of the sea reflected in numerous design details.


Flawless Execution

The evocation of Italian art and design was one of the driving forces in the realisation of the event. Decorative elements were chosen carefully to bring this to life to just the right degree, in a charming, fitting combination.

Thus, decoration followed a palate based on vivid Naples yellow, with blue ceramics and teste siciliane (Sicilian heads) providing a worthy contrast.

So as to ensure that the sunset over the Mediterranean assumed its protagonist role, the table was designed to face west, for the best possible views at all times. We also allowed marine colours to be evoked in our choice of stropicciato linen tablecloths, which were decorated with yellow eremerus flowers. Additionally, the flower-adorned gazebo structure set up around the table allowed the light of the stars to sparkle down directly, which increased the magical effect that the couple were looking for. A beautiful extra touch, made possible through the highly detail-oriented approach that we take to pre-planning.


The Celebration

The event began as sunset was approaching, with a champagne reception for all guests, and of course for the fiancés themselves. Mónica had chosen Fernando Claro Couture to create a spectacular black and white dress for the occasion. The feeling was one of joyous elation, yet it retained an intimate feel, as planned. Guests were limited to immediate family and a few close friends.

Both bride and groom read out their vows to one another. Doing this in front of the people that were most important to them helped to cement their love and declaration of ongoing commitment. This highly emotional scene produced a mixture of laughter and tears from all those witnessing.

The dinner that followed was a mouth-watering tribute to Málaga and its rich cuisine. Unsurprisingly, this began with a selection of local seafood. Later, a live band played both flamenco and rumba. We intended for people to have fun and dance, and once this inviting music began, that is precisely what happened.


Lasting Memories

As an engagement party, this was not meant to be the main event, rather a foretaste of the spectacular wedding that was to come, to be held in the same city. It was nonetheless exultant and bathed in its own ethereal beauty throughout.  

The natural setting astounded, the magic took hold and Mónica’s shining radiance will be recalled with a fond smile for many, many years to come.



Málaga - Spain

The best of the experience

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I have to say that she has been the best choice. Sir truly worked magic creating our dream engagement party in a villa hanging over the sea, and accompanied us throughout the process of our wedding
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Beatiful words from
the bride and groom

Sira and her team deserve everything: I have to say that she has been the best choice. She truly worked magic creating our dream engagement party in a villa hanging over the sea, and accompanied us throughout the process of our wedding, and my wife couldn't have looked more spectacular, the result of learning that is only due to this magician, who besides her professionalism stands out for her affection, attention, understanding, and maturity, everything flows with Sira!

Mónica & Diego