Paula & Fernando

Love StoryPaula & Fernando

A Romantic Proposal:

Fernando and Paula's Love Story

The Art

In the heart of a captivating garden, where beauty intertwines with magic, Fernando envisioned the perfect moment to ask Paula to be his forever. This romantic gesture, filled with gastronomic delights and the warmth of family, was meticulously crafted to capture their love in a timeless embrace. Sira Antequera, with her style and flair, designed every detail to resonate with the couple's essence, ensuring an enchanting experience.

Flawless Execution

Fernando's vision demanded perfection, and Sira orchestrated every aspect flawlessly. From selecting the enchanting venue with its inherent charm to conceiving the heart-shaped stage adorned with a glowing "Marry me" neon sign, every element was thoughtfully curated to elevate the proposal to an unforgettable moment of pure romance and emotion.

The proposal

As Fernando guided Paula, her eyes veiled with a silk blindfold, to the heart-shaped backdrop bathed in soft candlelight, the melody of their favorite song played by a live violinist filled the air with sweet anticipation. With a whispered declaration of love, Fernando knelt before Paula, revealing the ring box and asking her to open her eyes to a world forever changed by their love. Tears of joy flowed as their intimate moment unfolded, surrounded by the lush garden and the silent support of their loved ones.

The Celebration

The night continued in a symphony of romance and celebration as Fernando and Paula emerged from their private moment to the jubilant cheers of family and friends. Champagne flowed freely as they embarked on an evening of culinary delights and heartfelt conversations, seated at a table adorned with cascading red roses and the soft glow of candlelight. Each detail, from the intricately crafted menu to the delicate touches of floral elegance, spoke volumes of their enduring love and the magical beginning of their journey together.


Marbella - Spain

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I would repeat that night every day of my life. Thank you for making it possible
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Beatiful words from
the bride and groom

Sira, it was so beautiful, I would repeat that night every day of my life. Thank you for making it possible. Thank you very much, darling.

Paula & Fernando