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Frank's Corner

The complete renovation of a space cherished by its clientele is an ambitious project. Tackling this challenge has represented a true commitment, given the high esteem and appreciation that this venue has garnered among its followers over time.

The primary objective of this renovation is to transform the space into a vibrant and versatile destination that can cater to the needs of a diverse audience throughout the day. This vision entails facing additional challenges, such as keeping the venue open for extended hours and adapting to a changing flow of customers.

Highlighting the uniqueness of the project, we have designed three distinct zones that offer unique experiences to our visitors. From the entrance, we invite guests to immerse themselves in a captivating atmosphere, where a lush jungle with touches of raspberry velvet and gold creates an elegant and welcoming area. The décor is enriched with onyx bars, crystal chandelier lamps, and brass palm tree bar shelves.

In the concert area, with a gold python skin bar, crowned by a majestic golden crocodile. The walls are adorned with arches and niches that offer an intimate and exclusive experience, while the tables feature designs of monkeys sculpted in gold, adding a touch of sophistication.

We have reserved a surprise of creativity and guaranteed fun in the bathrooms, where imagination overflows in a charming and original atmosphere.

In summary, the renovation promises to offer a unique and memorable experience that has been warmly received.


Marbella - Spain

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Unparalleled mastery in maintaining the essence and soul of our space, which has served as a haven for memories


Beautiful words from
a client who worked with us

I am extremely pleased with the exceptional work carried out by Sira Antequera in the recent transformation of Frank’s Corner. Sira has demonstrated an unparalleled mastery in maintaining the essence and soul of our space, which has served as a haven for memories and moments for our loyal customers over the years. Her ability to preserve the trajectory of our venue while elevating it to new heights of elegance and style is admirable. Every detail of the design reflects her respect for the history and identity of Frank's Corner, while infusing a freshness and modernity that revitalizes our brand. Sira is, without a doubt, the best in her field, with an exquisite taste that exceeds all expectations.

Frank's Corner