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Our sumptuous ceremonies for African brides and grooms reach the most exquisite heights of sophistication in a way that will be treasured for years – Sira is highly experienced at devising breathtaking concepts for unique African weddings. Although each of our creations is a one-off, they share certain characteristics: an abundance of passion, genuine joy, lively music and upbeat dancing. Sira’s finely-honed ability to listen and inspire means that the resulting festivities can both honour African traditions and infuse them with a contemporary spirit, in just the way that you wish.

Our celebrations are guaranteed to be full of spirit and vigour. We are used to planning events that incorporate large family groups from both sides, with appropriate hair and make-up artists available as required. Additionally, our contacts ensure that we can offer the best musicians and dancers for captivating live performances worthy of the love that you are honouring.

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