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Annie & Gustavo

A Fusion of Elegance: A Spanish Celebration

The Splendor

Annie and Gustavo arrived from the Caribbean to celebrate their love. They chose to get married in  San Sebastián for its perfect blend of their shared passion for gastronomy and the breathtaking beauty of the surroundings. Their guests traveled from far-flung corners of the globe to join in the festivities.

Annie indulged in the creation of three exquisite gowns by the talented Lorenzo Caprile in Madrid, a journey that allowed her to delve deeper into the vibrant tapestry of the capital's life.

The wedding day

As Annie prepared herself in their hotel, nestled close to the magnificent San Vicente Church, a marvel of Gothic architecture, the air was filled with the ethereal melodies of the Orfeón choir, setting the scene for a truly enchanting ceremony.

Following the ceremony, guests were whisked away to the enchanting Palacio, where a grand reception awaited beneath the canopy of oak trees. Buildt in 1881, the palace exudes the charm of British cottages, nestled amidst sprawling gardens adorned with blooming hydrangeas.

Against the backdrop of the main garden facade, a culinary extravaganza awaited the guests. Spanish and Basque culinary delights were artfully displayed on vintage carts, each themed meticulously to reflect the essence of its offerings.

Guests were transported into a 19th-century garden fantasy, tantalized by the temptations of Northern Spanish haute cuisine.

A fabulous jazz ensemble, a shared passion of the newlyweds, serenaded the emotions of the cocktail hour.

The seating plan, reminiscent of a floral market cart reminiscent of early 20th-century European cities, guided guests to their designated areas.

The Delight

As guests entered the luncheon area, their delight was palpable amidst the enchanted garden. Trees adorned with rich, autumnal blooms filled the space, while towering floral centerpieces graced tables draped in raw linen. Every element was meticulously curated, from ornate cutlery to delicate china, all contributing to the harmonious design that transported attendees to another realm.

The celebration pivoted around a stage where international artists captivated the audience, ensuring the checkered dance floor never emptied. A sprawling Louis XV-style chill-out area provided respite for those seeking a moment's reprieve amidst the revelry.

A dessert buffet, crafted by the masterful hands of Oriol Balaguer, including the wedding cake, was showcased on a vertically submerged garden.

The Design

Every detail, from conception to execution, bore the hallmark of Sira Antequera's artistic touch. Renowned for orchestrating the most exclusive weddings, her visionary approach imbued each element with an unparalleled elegance.

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Catholic Wedding


San Sebastián - Spain

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Sira you are the best and more creative of the whole world!

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Beautiful words from
the bride and groom

Good morning, Sira, what a spectacular wedding. Wow, that was incredible. You are the best!! The best and more creative of the whole world! Congratulations to you and everyone!!!! Thank you very much. Love you all!!

Annie & Gustavo