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A Citrus Symphony:
Irene and Adrian's Marbella Garden Wedding

The Vision

In crafting Irene's wedding, the distinguished wedding designer and planner, Sira Antequera, was entrusted with a unique and refreshing vision. Irene approached Sira with a distinct request—to eschew the customary flower arrangements. Sira, with her impeccable taste, embraced the challenge with creativity, turning the celebration into an extraordinary experience where every detail was a testament to her artistic finesse.

The Citrus Symphony

In lieu of traditional blooms, Sira artfully curated a symphony of citrus-inspired elements that transformed the garden setting into a haven of vibrant elegance. Vivid yellow ceramic busts, adorned with luscious lemons, stood as sentinels of beauty and vitality. A display of green ceramics, bedecked with vibrant limes and lush green foliage, wove a narrative of nature's bountiful grace. Hand-painted plates, adorned with the likeness of lemons, became functional pieces of art. The tableau exuded a sense of the Mediterranean, where the zest of citrus fruits and the verdant hues of foliage merged seamlessly, creating an ambiance that was both refreshing and sophisticated.

Sira's Touch of Elegance

In the hands of Sira, the wedding decor transcended the ordinary, turning even the simplest elements into works of art. Her meticulous planning ensured that Irene's vision was brought to life with precision and flair. Every detail, from the citrus-inspired centerpieces to the hand-painted plates, spoke volumes of Sira's commitment to transforming Irene and Adrian's wedding into a visually stunning and memorable affair.

A Day of Love and Laughter

The wedding day unfolded with an abundance of love, laughter, and the warmth of family and friends. The blending of traditional and contemporary elements in the decor created a unique and inviting atmosphere. The natural beauty of the garden, the scent of flowers, and the presence of loved ones added to the magic of the day.

Irene and Adrian's wedding became a celebration not only of their love but also a reflection of their personalities. It was a day filled with beauty, creativity, and the strong bond they shared. Choosing their family home in Marbella as the venue made it an intimate and cherished event for all who attended, marking the beginning of their journey together as a married couple. Sira Antequera's touch of elegance and creativity made every moment of this wedding a testament to the artistry that love can inspire.

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Blessing Wedding


Marbella - Spain

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We are very grateful, everything went fabulous, it all turned out beautiful, just as we wanted


Beautiful words from
the bride and groom

Good afternoon, Sira! We are very grateful, everything went fabulous, it all turned out beautiful, just as we wanted, so thank you very much. We are receiving great feedback, so thank you very much!!! A big kiss!

Irene & Adrian