Manuel & Óscar

The wedding ofManuel & Óscar

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Manuel & Óscar

A Timeless Affair: Manuel and Óscar's Monochromatic Elegance

Embodied Vision

In a vision of pristine white, Manuel and Óscar envisioned an affair of understated elegance, where love and gastronomy intertwine. Guided by the discerning eye of Sira Antequera, their wedding happened with refined taste and timeless sophistication.

Exquisite Arrangements

Against the backdrop of an old mill adorned in ethereal whites, adorned with candelabras and flickering candles, Manuel and Óscar exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony. Live Italian singers serenaded the couple, infusing the air with heartfelt melodies as butterflies were released to soar freely, symbolizing the liberation of their love.

Opulent Indulgence

The cocktail hour with seafood stations, craft cocktails, and a plethora of culinary delights. As the sun dipped below the horizon, guests gathered under a canopy adorned with white blooms for an exquisite dinner, surrounded by the soft glow of candlelight.

Joyous Revelry

As night descended, the atmosphere ignited with jubilant celebration. From the ceremonial cutting of the cake to the indulgence of the dessert buffet, every moment was infused with happiness and delight. Guests reveled in the endless dance, each step shared by Manuel and Óscar.

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Same sex Wedding


Murcia - Spain

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Sira has something special that manages to enter your thoughts, take your ideas, and make them a reality.


Beautiful words from
the grooms

I cannot explain what we are feeling today. Yesterday was pure emotion that we would repeat a thousand times over. But we are also sad because today our journey with you is coming to an end, and we don't want it to. For us, this is just the beginning. We won't allow you to leave our lives because you are already a part of us…


It all started one night by chance when we came across Sira Antequera's page. When I saw Sira's photo, my heart started beating faster; something told me that this woman had something magical.


The day we met Sira, we spent almost 2 hours talking on a video call. She conveyed calmness, security, and above all, professionalism. We were sure about it; Sira had to organize our wedding.


After months of nerves and doubts, always guided by our special girl Carol and with our girls Sandra and Marina, the big day arrived. Sira has something special that manages to enter your thoughts, take your ideas, and make them a reality.


From the moment we set foot on the estate, we began to dream. Everything was unique and spectacular. Sira managed to create the magic and emotion we wanted. It was a day we will never forget, a day filled with happiness.


Thank you, Sira, for making our wedding unique, emotional, special, and above all, authentic. You came into our lives to stay; you are part of our hearts. To my girls, thank you from the bottom of my heart; without you, this would never have been possible. We love you.

Manuel & Óscar