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Ethereal Elegance: A Love Story Unveiled in Málaga

In the tapestry of Mónica and Diego's love story, Sira Antequera emerged as the enchanting orchestrator of their dreams, weaving an opulent celebration that transcended time and embraced the essence of a romantic baroque banquet.

Their journey began with a fateful encounter, nurtured by shared impatience to be in each other's presence daily. Five years later, amidst careers that spanned the realms of academia, luxury, and football, they found themselves standing on the shores of wedded bliss.

Diego fulfilled a promise to traverse the iconic city of Rome with the love of his life, Mónica. In a spectacular proposal at the Belvedere del Gianicolo, inspired by the intrigue of Dan Brown's tales, Diego asked Mónica to share forever amid the allure of Italy.

The wedding day dawned spectacularly, enveloped in the melodies of a live 1920s orchestra, as Mónica and her friends reveled in a prelude to the festivities.

The church welcomed Mónica, shrouded in a gown that became a viral sensation in mere hours. The ethereal, cascading skirt, inspired by Grace Kelly's sophisticated drapery, and an art-deco headpiece, adorned with filigrees dating back to 1820 Paris, created a vision of luminosity. The bouquet paid homage to Mónica's academic journey in the UK.

Arriving at the Palacio, a dream unfolded. Sira Antequera, the Wedding Planner and Designer, drew inspiration from baroque gardens and Italian decadence, crafting an enchanting space that seamlessly merged with the classic facade of the romantic palace.

“Every meeting with Sira became a celebration, a gift of joy infused into the planning process.”

The cocktail in the garden splendor by a serene pond, with a crystal greenhouse transformed into a vast floral chill-out. Champagne stations, Andalusian cold creams, Iberian ham, and cheeses adorned with baroque-inspired floral installations delighted the senses.

The dinner, set against the palace facade, was a garden of a bygone era. Vibrant colors of flowers, fruits, and vegetables adorned sculptures, while cascading candles and crystal chandeliers multiplied the luminous spectacle. Mónica, transitioning to a second gown, danced with ease in a bardot-necked, fluid creation of silk muslin.

Their Destination Wedding in Málaga, mobilizing 220 guests from around the world for three days of celebration, echoed the vivacity of life and the euphoria of love. Sira Antequera, the Fairy Godmother, brought every nuance of Mónica and Diego's dreams to life, ensuring the celebration was nothing short of incredible.

As the lights dimmed and the music faded, Mónica and Diego might already be contemplating future celebrations or, perhaps, a repetition of this wondrous journey—celebrating life and love, a memory to the indelible mark Sira Antequera left on their hearts.

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Catholic Wedding


Málaga - Spain

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Sira is the Picasso of events with soul, because she dreams and visualizes them as authentic geniuses do, and then works tirelessly to create emotions through unique spaces that recreate the dreams of her couples.

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Beautiful words from
the bride and groom

Sira is empathy, genuine connection, passion, and pure emotion. Having her guidance was undoubtedly the best gift. Sira is synonymous with dreaming, envisioning the most beautiful day of your life while she genuinely listens to every dreamy detail of your description, and then materializing it in every detail. I am convinced that it is only possible to build such exceptional projects if they are done from absolute generosity, the cornerstone upon which she creates each event, prioritizing the personality of the couple and their passions above all else.


Sira listens, integrates, and suggests, accompanying with respect in every decision, balancing everything above while also bringing her ideas, her extraordinary knowledge. Having her is peace, security, and support, but it is also celebrating the dream, squeezing every minute of previous imagination so that couples enjoy the wedding from the moment the process begins and there is no worrying, just enjoying. We still call her 'Magician', because in our case, she truly worked magic creating our dream proposal in a villa hanging over the sea, going through our pre-wedding where the sunset was the protagonist and the unique light of Malaga allowed us to enjoy a spectacular summer dinner; reaching our wedding, which exceeded all our dreamed expectations thanks to an absolutely spectacular staging where she set every detail of the palace facade, landscaping and creating elements that transported to a garden from another era, where the vibrant colors of the flowers, fruits, and vegetables adorned sculptures and busts, while hundreds of candles shone in the candelabras. The crystal chandeliers multiplied the sparkles, it was pure magic!


For us, Sira is heart and excellence at the same time. She is the Picasso of events with soul, because she dreams and visualizes them as authentic geniuses do, and then works tirelessly to create emotions through unique spaces that recreate the dreams of her couples. Our genius is pure emotion with a soul. There are not enough words to recommend her. Hopefully, she accompanies us in every event we have left to celebrate for the rest of our lives, I have never seen so much talent and love for what someone does in my life.

Monica & Diego