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A Scottish Fairytale: Monique and Thomas' Castle Affair

The Inspiration

In the heart of Scotland, amidst scenes of such beauty and splendour, Monique and Thomas' love story fell in love with the ancient charm of a majestic castle. The vision to capture the strength and grandeur of Scotland in their wedding celebration, a union of traditions and cultures set against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes and centuries-old history.

The Artistry

Drawing inspiration from Monique's vision of Scottish grandeur and elegance, Sira's expertise breathed life into every detail, from the regal ambiance of the ancient chapel to the vibrant colors of the spring blooms adorning the castle grounds.

The Celebration

The wedding ceremony took place in the Auld Keep in the medieval tower, an atmosphere of romance and majesty, the ancient walls echoing with the solemnity of centuries past. As candlelight flickered, Monique and Thomas pledged their love, accompanied by the haunting melodies of a Scottish pipe, marking each moment with grace.

After the ceremony, guests indulged in a sumptuous feast, where the flavors of Scotland's finest cuisine delighted the senses. A giant tree and the ceiling adorned with garlands of flowers and fairy lights turned it into an enchanted garden. The tableware in gold and exquisite carved crystals contrasted with the surreal decoration.The evening transitioned seamlessly into the party, with a renowned Celtic band filling the air with music and merriment. The night sky came alive with a spectacular fireworks display, illuminating the castle grounds with bursts of color and magic.

Treasuring Memories

The splendor of Scotland's ancient castles and rolling hills was the scenery to Monique and Thomas' wedding. It was a day filled with romance, the enduring power of love to unite people, cultures, traditions and timeless beauty in the heart of the Scottish countryside.

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Civil Wedding


Edinburgh - Scotland

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Sira You’re a super star. I have had the most amazing weekend, I am so happy. I could not have wished for anything more. You have done the most incredible job for us

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Beautiful words from
the bride and groom

Oh, Sira You’re a super star. I have had the most amazing weekend, I am so happy. I could not have wished for anything more. You have done the most incredible job for us. We are very grateful. You are amazing at what you do so, whatever you do it will always be fabulous. Love Monique

Monique & Thomas