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A Persian Wedding: Sahar and Farhad's Timeless Affair

Embarking on Elegance

In the radiant embrace of Málaga, Sahar and Farhad found themselves drawn to the warmth of Spain—the sun-kissed landscapes, the vibrant culture, and the richness of flavors that captivated their hearts. It was amidst this enchanting backdrop that they envisioned their Persian wedding, a celebration of love and unity that would blend seamlessly with the allure of Spanish hospitality.

Harmonious Coordination

Under the guidance of renowned wedding planner Sira Antequera, Sahar and Farhad's vision began to take shape—a grand affair that would weave together the timeless elegance of a luxury hotel with the rich traditions of Persian culture.

From the picturesque welcome party overlooking the historic port to the intimate ceremony amidst the hotel's verdant gardens, every detail was curated with care and precision.

A serene soirée

As Sahar prepared for her momentous day in the sanctuary of her suite, emotions ran high as her father awaited the chance to escort her down the aisle. The ceremony itself was a demonstration to love's enduring power, bathed in the soft glow of the afternoon sun, while the gentle murmur of the sea provided a serene backdrop.

An Evening of enchantement

Following the ceremony, guests gathered on the terrace overlooking the azure waters of the Mediterranean for a cocktail reception brimming with delectable delights. The evening unfolded in a softly illuminated banquet hall, where Sahar and Farhad cut into a pristine white cake, their hearts brimming with emotion as they embarked on their journey as husband and wife.

The celebration truly came to life with a mesmerizing flamenco performance, followed by a soul-stirring concert by Andy Madadian, the celebrated Iranian artist. As the newlyweds shared their first dance with Sahar favourite song by Andy, surrounded by loved ones, the night became an explosion of joy and enchantment.

Lasting Impressions

As the evening waned into the early hours of the morning, a fountain of Godiva chocolate and an array of delectable treats infused the air with an air of indulgence, fueling the spirited dance floor with energy and enthusiasm. Sira Antequera's impeccable planning ensured that Sahar and Farhad's wedding was not merely an event, but a timeless affirmation to the boundless power of love and the beauty of cultural heritage.

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Sira’s passion for her job shows in her attitude and is reflected in her work product and dedication. Her team is so pleasant to work with, which made the planning process a lot easier. They definitely exceeded expectations.

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Beautiful words from
the bride and groom

My husband and I got married in late May 2019 and decided to do a destination wedding so our guests had an excuse to truly unplug from their day-to-day routine and celebrate our milestone with us. Meeting each other on the way to a destination wedding ourselves, the “guest experience” at our wedding was very important to me and my husband, and we communicated that very early on with Sira and team.


There is no simpler way to describe our planning experience than to say Sira just “got it.” When I described my vision for décor and the importance of our guest experience, she listened and it was almost as if she was in my head and could finish my sentences. Despite being miles away in the United States, I still had a strong desire to be involved in the small details and Sira and her team were flexible and accommodating with my (sometimes intense) personality.


Sira’s passion for her job shows in her attitude and is reflected in her work product and dedication. Her team is so pleasant to work with, which made the planning process a lot easier. They definitely exceeded expectations and really worked to get the best end product within our budget (whether it was décor, room set up, etc.), which truly encompasses a work ethic that I admire.


Our guests had such a good time at our wedding, partying until 4:30 a.m., that many asked if we could turn back time and do it again after it was over. A few have already asked us if we can all go back to Malaga to celebrate of our anniversaries!


Thank you again Sira and team! You truly brought our vision to life and made it an unforgettable memory.

Sahar & Farhad