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Eternal Elegance: Whispers of Love in Silvia and James' timeless celebration

In the realm of timeless elegance and cross-cultural union, Sira Antequera, the visionary curator of beauty, orchestrated the unfolding chapters of Silvia and James love story. Two secluded villas, embraced by a sprawling garden, cradled the couple in anticipation in the days leading up to the grand celebration, an oasis of serenity preceding the enchanting storm of love.

As dawn cast its warm glow on the wedding day, the air tingled with anticipation. Guests, recovering from the exuberance of the previous night's welcome party by the sun-kissed pool, indulged in the luxury of leisure.

Silvia, adorned in the elegance of her villa, found solace with her loyal companion Luna and cherished friends. Amidst toasts with rose champagne, live music ushered in the arriving guests, setting the stage for a narrative painted in hues of romance and sophistication.

The enchanting melody of "Here Comes the Sun" announced Silvia's entrance into an emotion-laden civil ceremony, conducted amidst a garden adorned in pure white blooms. The creative finesse, evident in every detail, transformed the venue into a haven of wonder and joy.

Under the shade of a majestic oak, the cocktail celebration unfolded with a pop music ensemble serenading the gathering. Stations of sushi, live cigar rollers, and corners of Iberian ham and cheeses elevated the culinary experience, after the meticulous planning overseen by Sira.

Dinner, a visual poetry of peach-pastel flowers – dahlias, roses, ranunculus – and flickering candles, immersed guests in an atmosphere of warmth. The ambiance set the stage for a culinary journey through Spanish delicacies, where the wedding speeches brought forth laughter and tender tears. The cutting of the cake, surrounded by cold fireworks, marked the beginning of a night that danced its way into the dawn.

Silvia and James reveled in their own timeless tale. Amidst the warmth of peach-hued floral arrangements and hanging centerpieces, the celebration unfolded, transcending boundaries of culture and tradition.

In this symphony of love, where Sira Antequera's artistry was the unseen conductor, the celebration continued into the following day.

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Civil Wedding


Marbella - Spain

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We were completely amazed by every detail. You are the best. It was out of the world and better than our dreams. Its was spectacular.

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Beautiful words from
the bride and groom

Love, being a sentiment, is quite challenging to interpret. But for that, we have our dear Sira, to weave an unimaginable fairy tale with our wedding that left everyone speechless. And it's hard to put into words what we all felt that day…


It all started a long time ago, as I was clear that if I ever got married, Sira would plan my wedding. Unexpectedly and in the most precious way, James proposed to me in the most idyllic place in Phuket. Just two days after landing, we organized a video call with Sira. Between English and Spanish, we laughed endlessly, and Sira captivated us with her magic. Here began our tale.


I am very demanding and organized in my life, in my work, and in everything in general. And even though I had hired the best wedding planner, I still wanted to know what was happening in every detail. And with over 200 guests from different parts of the world. And I am a perfectionist. Additionally, my husband and I didn't make it easy. James wanted to get married in one venue and have the banquet in another, which required organizing smooth transportation, and countless obstacles added to all our demands (Or so I thought!). For months, we also imagined what our wedding could be like, what we dreamed of, and saved inspiration photos of weddings and sent them to Sira. Also, sometimes I got nervous, thinking about all that. And Sira and Carolina calmed those nerves for me.


The reality is that they had EVERYTHING under control at all times.


The reality is that on the wedding day, everything was PERFECT, even though there was a tornado, and we didn't even notice.


Sira is perfection, glamour, calm, balance, love, and I could go on all day…


Wow! I take my hat off! It is impossible to explain in words the surprise and everything we felt that day: It is a unique and incredible feeling, which I would repeat a thousand times over, and only with you. My guests are still talking about the wedding, six months later: 'The best wedding I've ever been to in my life'. But, aside from the guests, my husband and I were completely amazed by every detail and all the work of so many people behind that idyllic day. All without us noticing anything.


Thank you, ladies, for knowing how to materialize the great love we have for each other and share it with all the guests on that day, with that production, those flowers, that stage, those tables, that food, those lights, that love that was palpable in all the different scenarios of the wedding…


Sira, you're unique. I would choose you a thousand times: you are an artist from head to toe. What is undeniable is that you are the best, you have no competition. We both and everyone had the most amazing time. It was out of the world and better than our dreams. Its was spectacular. Thank you all so very very much.

Silvia & James