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Vanessa & Abbas

Enchanting Traditions:
Vanessa and Abbas' Persian Wedding Ceremony

The Artistry Unveiled

In the vision of Vanessa and Abbas, the sea's rhythmic embrace, contemporary glamour, and the joy of dance converged in a harmonious design, expertly woven by the touch of Sira Antequera.

Flawless Maritime Elegance

Set against the azure expanse of the Mediterranean, Abbas' oceanfront villa and Vanessa’s luxurious Marbella hotel became the perfect canvases for their nuptial celebration. Sira's meticulous design ensured every detail reflected the couple's shared love for family, festivity, and dance.

The Celebration Begins

Days before the wedding, guests reveled in the vibrant atmosphere of one of Marbella's famed beach clubs, indulging in a lavish welcome party that extended into the early hours, setting the stage for the festivities to come.

On the wedding day, Vanessa and her entourage gathered at her hotel, sharing laughter and confidences as they prepared for the momentous occasion. The anticipation reached its peak as Vanessa and Abbas shared a First Look, surrounded by loved ones, before making their way to the villa for the ceremony.

A Ceremony by the Sea

Against the backdrop of the sea, Vanessa and Abbas exchanged vows in a ceremony steeped in tradition and symbolism. From the solemn ritual of the sofreh aghd to the tender exchange of honey, each moment was a commitment to their enduring love.

The Grand Reception

Following the ceremony, the newlyweds made a grand entrance, leading their jubilant procession into a sumptuous feast orchestrated by a charismatic MC. As the day melted into night, guests reveled in Persian-inspired delights, swept away by the infectious beats of a DJ flown in from distant shores.

Lasting Memories

As the sun rose once more, casting its golden glow over the tranquil sea, Vanessa and Abbas' wedding celebration continued to echo in the hearts of all who bore witness—a timeless ode to love, family, and the boundless joy of dance.

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Persian Wedding


Marbella - Spain

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And SIra’s work as a wedding planner extends far beyond organizing the wedding, which is already a lot. What I value most is her wise advice

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Beautiful words from
the bride and groom

The wedding was unforgettable. Everything we organized for months became a reality, and yet it surpassed everything we had dreamed of. We were fascinated by the mix of Persian and Spanish cultures: everyone formed a great family bond. And now we have a great memory. A very beautiful memory. Everything turned out great. And your work as a wedding planner extends far beyond organizing the wedding, which is already a lot. What I value most are your wise advice. Besides many other things.


Thank you for everything, love.

Vanessa & Abbas